/ Servo Energy Saving Injection Molding Machine
KWS Series:KW198S~KW380S
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Servo energy saving injection molding machine output power changes corresponding the loading changing. There’s no extra waste of power. The motor decreases rotation speed which result in low consumption during pressure hold period. Also the motor doesn’t work while cooling, electricity consumption is 0. According to different products, in comparison with the tradition injection molding machine, the servo machine can save electricity 20%-80% that brings you excellent profit.

【 Features 】

‧ 1. Excellent energy saving: As compared with the traditional fixed pump injection molding machine, it saves energy 20%-80% under the same working condition.

‧ 2. Excellent injection molding stability: The pressure and flow of servo drive system applies closed-loop control, as compared with the traditional injection molding machine, it greatly increases repeatability precision of injection molding.

‧ 3. Fast response: Fast response servo drive, the start time faster than that of the traditional injection molding machine by 50%.提高50%

‧ 4. Environmental friendly: The complete machine runs under low noisy, low speed operation and quite.

‧ 5. Constant oil temperature: The servo motor output hydraulic oil according to proportion to avoid extra heat. Even the hydraulic oil need not to be cooled to realize excellent water saving.

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Technical Parameters
Screw diameter / mm455055455055505560556065657075707580
Shot Volume theoretical / cm³342422510382471570530641763676805945116113471546150117231960
Injection Weight / g308380460344424513477577687615732859104512101391135015501764
Injection rate / g/s139165195124154186187227270223.5266312.2325368390335384437
Injection pressure / Mpa181147121181147122211175147177149127182157137174152133
Screw rotation speed / rpm200190170220180160
Clamping unit

Clamping force / KN198021802680300033803800
Open stroke / mm435475525590660700
Space between tie bars / mm480×480520×520580×580620×620660×660720×700
Max.Mould height / mm580530580630680780
Min.Mould height / mm190200220200250250
Ejector stroke / mm120140150150160150
Ejector force / KN464654706279

Max.Pump pressure / Mpa141414141414
Pump motor power / KW18.518.522303737
Heating power / KW14141618.320.429.4
Machine dimension&nbs / m5.3×1.45×2.15.3×1.45×2.15.8×1.55×2.15.98×1.66×2.377.2×1.85×2.37.6×1.85×2.4
Machine weight / t6789.512.515.5
Mould Platen Dimensions
Mould Space Dimensions

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